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Tunap E-bike chain oil
Really greasy E-bike chain oil, especially suitable for e-bike drives Description High lubricity Optimal for high starting torques, wear protection even with the highest loads Special adhesive additive prevents the fast spinning off of the oil Maximum load carrying capacity, high creep and adhesion Easy application through brush attachment Reduces friction and corrosion Ensures a smooth and quiet running chain Suitable for chain, cassette and chainrings Application: Thoroughly clean the chain of old oil residues and dry with a cloth. Shake the chain oil vigorously (10-15 seconds), place the brush on the chain. Press the spray head and turn the cranks backwards until the chain has run through completely. Repeat the action so that the whole chain is moistened with enough chain oil. Rub the chain with a cloth and remove excess oil.


Tunap E-Bike Cleaner
Super shiny E-Bike Cleaner, applicable for all common frame materials Description Reduces conductivity, protects the contact points and does not attack any seals Removes dust, oil films and stubborn dirt The special formula with so-called "adhesive claws" in the liquid, remains visibly attached to the soiled areas and thus has a very intensive effect Biodegradable, without allergenic fragrances Application: Flush off rough dirt using plenty of water. Spray frame and all parts (incl. motor and battery housing) with the E-Bike cleaner. Allow to take effect for at least 5 minutes. Do not allow bicycle cleaner to dry and do not use on heated surfaces. Finally, flush off the bike thoroughly with water Responsibility towards humans and environment.


Tunap Multifunctional Oil
The multi oil is a cleaner, corrosion protection, rust remover, lubricant and contact spray at the same time Description Removes light rust and displaces moisture Lubricates Bearing or Attenuation Joints Does not attack paint, gaskets, plastics or rubber Creep-capable, low-viscosity lubricating film - very productive Free of silicone and / or solid lubricants such as PTFE or graphite Application: Thoroughly clean affected parts. Spray the parts sufficiently with the multifunctional oil and leave to work. Then remove rust or dirt with a cloth or brush. Wipe off excess oil with a soft cloth.