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Ciclo Protos 105 Bike Computer
Are you looking for a bike computer that allows you to commute to the office every day or spontaneously go for a ride in the forest in the evening? The Protos 105 was developed for exactly these purposes. Many recreational cyclists and commuters are mainly interested in the distances they have covered and how fast they have been riding. With the wired Protos 105, you can display the ride time, kilometers traveled, and time on a clear 4-line display. Thanks to the intelligent logic of the display, the Protos 105 always shows you exactly the functions you need. In addition, the Protos 105 also features an enormous battery life of up to two years. Description Cabled bike computer Long battery life 4-line display Intelligent display logic


Helmetor helmet holder
Helmetor is a lightweight device specifically for helmets, that attaches to any flat surface - at home, school, cafe, workplace or even in a vehicle. Works with any vented helmet which has an air vent between 30-65 mm long. Description A great way to 'air' your helmets post-ride! Can allow for stowing Gloves etc inside the helmet! Using a standard shackle lock through the specially designed aperture (one too large to fit through the air vent), helmets can be locked securely onto Helmetor Weight: 31.8 g Excellent resistance to 'creep' i.e. its ability to keep returning to its original form. Very Good UV resistance. Capable of 1,000’s of repetitions without failure. A perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Matt finished injection moulded body. Compression moulded silicone logo insert. Colors: Green, Grey, Blue, Pink; Sale is sorted. .responsive-video { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; height: 0; overflow: hidden; } .responsive-video iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }