Just to inform you guys abroad: Because of Covid-19, there is a complete lockdown.
We will do our very best, to deliver all of your orders just in time but this depends on our courier services. So please be patient, if a package will take a few days longer… #staysafe
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The stuff badassBoxes are made of

20 April 2021   Lisa
Stories   News
We care about our environment, that's why we seek for short production distances and sustainable raw materials.

Any news on anti-tuning?

16 March 2021   Christian
Tech   News
The major engine manufacturers had announced for the 2020 model year that they would stop tuning e-bikes as part of the EU standard.

Our range continues to grow

16 March 2021   Christian
Product-News   News
A few years ago, we only had three different boxes on offer: Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano. Now there are a few more...