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Tunap E-bike chain oil

Really greasy

E-bike chain oil, especially suitable for e-bike drives

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Tunap Sports e-bike chain oil 125ml with brush tool

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  • High lubricity
  • Optimal for high starting torques, wear protection even with the highest loads
  • Special adhesive additive prevents the fast spinning off of the oil
  • Maximum load carrying capacity, high creep and adhesion
  • Easy application through brush attachment
  • Reduces friction and corrosion
  • Ensures a smooth and quiet running chain
  • Suitable for chain, cassette and chainrings


  • Thoroughly clean the chain of old oil residues and dry with a cloth.
  • Shake the chain oil vigorously (10-15 seconds), place the brush on the chain.
  • Press the spray head and turn the cranks backwards until the chain has run through completely. Repeat the action so that the whole chain is moistened with enough chain oil.
  • Rub the chain with a cloth and remove excess oil.


Unfortunately, firmware updates/upgrades are at the same time also a gateway for their unwanted features, which take away the choice of tuning or limit it.

We therefore recommend our customers not to carry out any upgrades/updates of the motor firmware or have them carried out at present in order to retain the option of selecting the tuning/original state. This applies in particular in connection with workshop work on your e-bike.


  • The badassBox is not to be used in normal road traffic or in areas regulated by the Road Traffic Act!
  • Use is only permitted on private property or for example for competition or test purposes.
  • Mounting the badassBox may lead to a loss of the bicycle warranty.
  • Use of the badassBox is entirely at your own risk and danger.
  • The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage to property and/or persons arising from inappropriate use of the products.
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