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With the help of this calculator you can get a rough estimate of the maximum achievable speed for a given power or the necessary power to achieve a desired speed. An upright posture on an uncovered bicycle is assumed.
The rolling resistance is independent of the speed. However, air resistance increases quadratically and plays a decisive role alongside the total weight in the plane. That is why high speeds of e.g. 50 km/h on flat roads can only be achieved with several hundred watts. However, a pedelec delivers a permanent maximum of 250 W. Everything above this has to be done by the cyclist by muscle power alone. Realistic power values over a period of one hour for average persons are below 200 W. The red line in the diagram indicates the maximum continuous power for pedelecs.

Parameter Decimal separator: comma or period in mm, cm, or m in kg in kg in %, negative value for descent in min-1 (crank revolutions per minute) in km/h, negative value for tailwind
in W (watt)
in km/h
"Normal"-Räder Rennräder Liegeräder
Hollandrad Obenlenker-
mit Untenlenker
mit Untenlenker
mit Rennlenkern
Info dazu...
Triathlon Kurzliegerad
mit Obenlenker

mit Obenlenker
Kreuzotter race

Kreuzotter race

Tieflieger vollverschalt
White Hawk
3 Räder, Kurbeln
mit Kettenschaltung

Velomobil verschalt
Reifen "wechseln"?
Berechnung geht von 20-Zoll-Vorderrad aus.)
Vorderrad-Reifen Hinterrad-Reifen
Luft-Temperatur ° C
Höhe über NN m
Windgeschwindigkeit km/h
Weitere Ergebnisse: Effektive Stirnfläche Cd*A m2; Rollwiderstandsbeiwert Cr 

This calculator is based on the online calculator "Geschwindigkeit&Leistung" on by Walter Zorn under the LGPL-Lizenz.


Unfortunately, firmware updates/upgrades are at the same time also a gateway for their unwanted features, which take away the choice of tuning or limit it.

We therefore recommend our customers not to carry out any upgrades/updates of the motor firmware or have them carried out at present in order to retain the option of selecting the tuning/original state. This applies in particular in connection with workshop work on your e-bike.


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  • Use is only permitted on private property or for example for competition or test purposes.
  • Mounting the badassBox may lead to a loss of the bicycle warranty.
  • Use of the badassBox is entirely at your own risk and danger.
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