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A proposal for the legalization of eBike Tuning

13 July 2018 Tech   News

First of all, you have to realize that our customers want to tune. They want to go faster. They want to decide for themselves when and how to use their eBike. Otherwise we wouldn't exist.

eBike manufacturers fear that an increase in tuned eBikes will have negative consequences for their industry. We do not know the exact motives, we suspect that the bicycle industry does not want to endanger its historically founded special position in road traffic or for recreation in nature, and therefore - quasi in anticipatory obedience - seeks to join forces with legislation.

The legislator has actually little reason for a new regulation, especially with regard to the manifold, complicated and costly consequences. Even a takeover of the American system (usually a 20 mile/ 32km/h restriction, higher continuous power) would not solve the problem and would hardly produce less effort.

A pragmatic solution could be to extend the law by means of a legislative process, in a sub-paragraph, with a kind of special permission for tuned eBikes. The following criteria would then have to be met: Use only outside built-up areas and only on unpaved roads. Furthermore, an insurance which we would like to sell with every badassBox - after all, this device is the one that creates the situation first - and is linked to the serial number of the badassBox. With the badassBox tuning measure removed, the pedelec must be completely legal for use on the road again and must be clearly recognisable as tuned when the badassBox is fitted.

In this picture, everyone involved would benefit, why should that not be possible? Please like us on Facebook if you think we should submit a petition for it.