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Antituning on the wrong track

27 July 2018 Tech   News

If one observes the development of the last years in the eBike market, then one can determine a clear tendency: More and more gimmicks are being used as arguments for ever higher prices. The customer has at most a disproportionate added value. He's all about fun and for some people speed is part of the fun. With the planned anti-tuning measures this fun on the part of the manufacturers is to be prevented.

The arguments of the industry seem very constructed to us, since a tuned eBike does nothing that a well-trained rider can't do without an engine. So why do they make such a fuss? Well, the question could easily be answered if one looked at the obvious consequences and their profiteers. S-Pedelecs are more expensive and insured.

It is obvious that the e-market is facing a new regulation. This has nothing to do with tuning, but with the fact that it has become a mass market and new eMobiles are coming onto the market at ever shorter intervals, from ePedal-Scooter to eSkateboard to eScooter, to name but a few examples. The sheer number alone creates a possible need for action. We described in the previous entry how to do this for sportive eBikes. Other options seem to serve only the desire of the industry and not that of the customer.