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Badass Allmountain-E-Bike

26 July 2019   Christian
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Today we present you another e-bike prototype from us:

The official Badass Allmountain-E-Bike. 

It is based on a lightweight carbon frame and is equipped with a Bafang M500 motor with 250W power and 95 Nm torque. The motor is powered by the 450Wh battery and the wheel weighs only 21kg ready to drive, which is a very acceptable value for an E-Fully with these performance values. 

Even though even lighter components could still produce less than 20 kg, we have explicitly decided not only to use the lightest (and therefore most expensive) components, but also to achieve the "best-bang-for-the-buck" in the overall package.

Equipped with SRAMs 1x8 EX gear (36T chainring and 11-48T cassette) and SRAM Guide RSC brakes (front 203mm, rear 180mm), the bike offers the right gear ratio on any terrain and decelerates reliably on any gradient. The supposedly wide spread of the gears is compensated by the engine power, which is why eleven or more gears lose their sense.

To maintain grip and damping in rough terrain, we use a Fox 36 Factory suspension fork with 150mm travel in the front. At the rear there is a Fox CDT LV damper, which we don't consider to be the first choice, but surprisingly it works very harmoniously. All this in combination with the Michelin Wild AM 27.5" x 2.6" tires makes the toughest rides a relaxing pleasure.

The first test rides were impressive, the engine supports with a lot of power in all situations. You might call the characteristic "oldschool", but when you start you get a direct feedback from the engine in the form of vehement bang. 

Since the battery is big enough, there are enough reserves even for longer trips, but - and without previous tests for the maximum running time - the bike is not yet an endurance runner and after about 50 - 60 km you are confronted with an empty battery. Even if the bike remains rideable thanks to low pedaling resistance, the joy disappears quite quickly, which is due to the weight and rolling resistance of the tires.

If the bike is used in an appropriate way, it is a lot of fun and with a price of 6000 - 7000 € you don't have to hide from the established competition.

But it is still - as it was the case with our Aero-Allroad-E-Bike - only a prototype. A series production is uncertain and if so, then still in some distance. 

As you can easily see, there are some components that are still missing (e.g. a dropper seat post) or that could be discussed (an upgrade for the rear shock). 

Now you are asked: what would you like to see built into this Allmountain? 

Give us feedback, maybe it will soon become reality.