Badass Gravel-E-Bike

5 September 2019   Christian
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We are happy to present our third e-bike prototype to you in time for the Eurobike, which is currently taking place in Friedrichshafen and where gravel plays a very important role: 

the badass Gravel e-bike.

Thanks to the light carbon frame with tire freedom up to 700x50C and the Polini E-P3 motor with 250W power and 500Wh battery it weighs only about 15kg ready to ride and can guarantee with its agility and power riding fun on all surfaces.

Equipped with SRAMs 1x12 Force AXS gears / brakes and XO1 AXS rear derailleur and cassette (10-50T), the bike always offers a suitable ratio on any terrain, from road to single track. Thanks to the precision and speed of the AXS, every gear change is a pleasure. The 160mm discs at the front and rear reliably decelerate the bike even on fast asphalt gradients.

Due to the low weight and the hardly existing friction loss in the engine, the Gravel-E-Bike rides almost like a conventional Gravel-Bike and is also beyond the 25 km/h limit very economical to move. Thanks to the lightweight equipment with Fizik Antares saddle, 3T Superghiaia carbon handlebars and the easy to use and informative Polini display, it can be relaxed and sporty on the road. All cables are routed internally for optical and aerodynamic reasons and the cockpit is fully integrated. For the icing on the cake, we have installed the Omata One bike computer on the prototype and an Apidura saddlebag for transporting your belongings. With the two fastenings for bottle holders and the mounting points for mudguards, year-round use is also guaranteed.

On the first test drives the Polini engine could convince with its sheer power and efficiency. Although most of the time you are "too fast" on the plain to benefit from the support, the engine is even more enthusiastic on inclines. The five support levels can't be used to the full, even on ascents in the 14% range. Already in the fourth level you run the risk of tearing the 25 km/h limit. Based on previous tests, a range of loosely over 100km at 2000Hm can be certified quite safely. Polini even gives a theoretical range up to 200km in the plain.

With the fitted Gravel tyres WTB Riddler in 700x45C you are in good hands on asphalt, all kinds of field, forest and meadow roads and even on moderate single tracks. They convince with low rolling resistance and plenty of grip, while at the same time offering good puncture safety.

Even though the appearance and geometry are quite sporty, the E-Bike is still ideal for relaxed, fast commutes, for extensive rides over mixed terrain and also for a small training lap. If you use the engine support sparingly, you could even dare a small bikepacking trip with it. Or in short, except for downhill or otherwise very rough terrain, the Gravel E-Bike can be easily moved anywhere and at any time.

So far it is only a prototype, but we are completely convinced that this e-bike would be a real enrichment for many people. Whether we finally produce the bike... we'll see.

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