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badass kicks ass with it´s new FEET (Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology)

14 June 2018 Tech   News

These two small, inconspicuous magnets in the spoke-facing head of the badassBox have a significant effect. They build up a weak magnetic field above the sensor, so that the amount of energy required to switch the sensor is significantly reduced. The polarity of the spoke magnet is important for this, which is why we supply a spoke magnet for most motor systems. This makes it possible to achieve a higher mileage of the badassBox with an AAA battery instead of the previous Lithium CR2. This despite the fact that lithium cells have up to five times more energy! By using the narrower battery, the width of the badassBox decreases, so that our new badassBox 4 only builds up a few millimeters on the sensor.

badass FEET is currently offered for our badassBox 4 for Panasonic and Shimano. When the last tests have been completed, the badassBox 4 will also be available for other engine systems. We ask for your indulgence if we do not want to give a fixed release date at the moment.