badassBox 4 Bosch for model year 2020

11 October 2019   Christian
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For the Bosch engines of model year 2020, Bosch had announced that it would completely eliminate tuning. As things stand today, we cannot agree with this statement.

Our current badassBox 4 also works with Bosch MY 2020 engines. We have tested it with the Performance Line CX and the current firmware So far, no functionality has been found that differs from the previous generation of engines.

But: what still works today with the firmware version mentioned, cannot work tomorrow with an update of the firmware. Therefore...


The firmware of the motors and other electronic components are essential components of the overall e-bike package. The updateability of the components allows manufacturers to influence the functionality of your e-bike long after the purchase of the e-bike.

In the ideal case, the firmware update is only used to correct errors in the software. In the far more common case, the e-bike buyer is provided with new functions that promise good things but can also bring a lot of bad things with them.

Even without always installing the latest firmware with the relevant apps from the manufacturers yourself, there is the danger of catching new functions every time you visit a workshop. Some manufacturers encourage dealers and specialist workshops to install the latest firmware on the e-bike every time you show up at the workshop. Mostly and gladly also without concrete previous knowledge of the customer. This can lead to user data being read out and new functions being implemented, e.g. against tuning. 

Therefore we still recommend our customers not to carry out any upgrades/updates of the motor firmware or to have them carried out if there is no need for them.

A working, tuned e-bike with an older firmware is always better than an e-bike with the latest firmware, which is restricted to 25km/h.

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