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Badassbox 4 Für Specialized

4 February 2019   Christian
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Although Specialized uses the very veritable Brose engines (Turbo Levo: Brose S Mag and Turbo Kenevo: Brose S) in their eBikes, for which the normal badassBox 4 Brose is used, the positioning of the sensor requires the use of a universal mount adapter. With the new Turbo Levo MY19 another step is necessary due to the discreet positioning in the dropout and the sensor shape, the use of our special Specialized-Turbo-Levo-Adapter. 

Therefore we now have the badassBox 4 Specialized Set and the badassBox 4 Specialized Set Turbo Levo 2019 in our program for all Specialized riders.

For the price of 154,- EUR (instead of 161,80 EUR in unit prices, plus shipping costs) the Specialized Set includes the badassBox 4 Brose, a spoke magnet with Toolfree 4mm as well as the Universal Mount Adapter for moving the sensor.

The badassBox 4 Specialized-Set Turbo Levo 2019 has the same scope as the Specialized-Set, but instead of the Universal-Mount-Adapter includes the Specialized-Turbo-Levo-Adapter, and costs 159,- EUR (plus shipping costs).

With the help of these simple instructions the one-time conversion is quickly done and the Turbo Levo also gets the full enjoyment of the badassBox 4. 

Click here for the new badassBox 4 sets for Specialized:

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