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badassBox 4 now also for Yamaha!

6 July 2018 Product-News   News

For Eurobike 2018 we will introduce badassBox 4 for Yamaha with an introductory price of EUR 139,- + shipping costs! The offer is valid for week 28, Decisive is the date of purchase. After that we set our badassBox 4 to 149,- EUR + shipping costs.

badassBox 4 has some significant improvements. Besides the use of an AAA battery instead of the Lithium CR2 from our previous types, the overall width has also been significantly reduced (from 20.5mm to 14.5mm - just under 30%). badassBox 4 uses our patented FEET (Field Enhancement and Elimination Technology) which, despite the lower energy content of the AAA battery compared to the CR2 cell, allows an even longer operating time (now 7000km). The patented snap lock not only eliminates the O-ring but also enables even faster and easier assembly and disassembly of the badassBox with only one hand.

badassBox 4 is manufactured in the laser sintering process from high-quality PA11 Black, which makes a matt, almost velvety, surface in very dark black anthracite possible. This with extreme impact strength and very high elongation at break. The elongation at break for injection moulded ABS parts is approx. 5% for PA11 at 45%! PA11 is obtained from castor oil and passes the cytotoxicity test according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5.

badassBox 4, like all our products, is completely manufactured in Germany. With an even better potting compound we increase the structural strength of the badassBox while the electronics are still completely insensitive to moisture. Double quality control of all our devices, availability of spare parts even for older versions as well as our well-known good service are a guarantee for a long and satisfied use of our badassBox on your eBike.