Black Friday Refurbished

29 November 2019   Christian
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Today is Black Friday and while on the one hand people are demonstrating for the climate again, on the other end of the spectrum they are indulging in the consumption disinhibited by wild discounts. Everyone can do what he thinks is right. 

For us as manufacturers and sellers of consumer goods, Black Friday of course has an economic explosive effect, as we could - clearly after the actual season - use the shopping mood of many people and with a little bling bling and double-digit discounts boost sales of our products once again.

But we decided to take a different approach: today there are no discounts on our new products. Instead, we are giving a significant discount on our refurbished products today. This is justified in the hope that we will be able to bring returns - albeit at significantly worse conditions for us - to customers who may want to save a few euros on the one hand, or who do not care about a missing cardboard box and a few traces of use, but who on the other hand will ultimately return the product for the use for which it was produced. 

Our refurbished product is new and has been returned to us under our 1-month money-back guarantee. Either because the first purchaser changed his mind or because the box supposedly didn't work. Each return is then checked and tested by us, if necessary reworked, provided with a simpler packaging and is then ready as a refurbished box for another customer to fulfill its intended purpose. 

I don't want to talk pompously about sustainability now, but the purpose of a production can and should only be to put the produced product to use. That's why we don't throw away anything, but reprocess and recycle as much as possible. 

In this sense: today, Black Friday, 20,-€ discount on all refurbished boxes, now type 3.4 for only 79,-€ and type 4 for 89,-€. For different model variants and only while stocks last. 

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