Bosch's Anti-Tuning, the next round

29 June 2020   Christian
Tech   News

Bosch has announced a new software update for the Generation 4 models.

The new software for the engines of the 2020 model year brings with it a number of changes that are not explicitly listed anywhere in the manual, which is typical for Bosch. However, Bosch is advertising the new software with an increase in the maximum torque of CX engines by 10 Nm to 85 Nm.

Wow. With their anti-tuning measures, they take away the control of your purchased engine, but on the other hand they are so generous and give you 10 Nm... That doesn't sound plausible. Or does it?

So far we cannot confirm that the new software will change the anti-tuning measures, but that is not surprising, because the measures we were confronted with so far always only became apparent after many, sometimes hundreds of kilometers of riding. 

But if I were Bosch and I wanted to get new and/or extended anti-tuning measures on the market, I too would distribute generous torque gifts and install my measures quietly and secretly.

To cut a long story short: If you want to tune and the tuning works at the moment, then don't do any more updates. Especially not with Bosch and not at all with Generation4/MY2020 engines.

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