18 March 2020   Christian
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UPDATE, 21.04.20

Due to the pandemic our delivery is not as fast as usual. There are delays of a few days in Germany and within Europe and several days for shipments abroad. Further delays are to be expected, especially if customs are involved in the delivery process. There are also restrictions on the part of our shipper DHL and also cancellation of deliveries to certain countries

We ask to excuse this. We do our best to ensure that you will receive your ordered goods as soon as possible.

In times of a pandemic of unprecedented proportions, everything changes, for each of us. 

We have now finally switched over to our emergency plan and work for you from our home office or in minimal staffing in the company through alternating shifts without direct contact between the employees. 

We are trying to continue our work as long as possible with the usual quality and speed, but unfortunately we can't promise anything. But as long as orders arrive and as long as DHL and its logistics partners continue to deliver, we will continue to process the orders. If there is any foreseeable change, we will let you know via our newsroom, Facebook and Instagram.

As this current article from Spiegel ( nicely summarizes, cycling (and e-biking) has a deeper meaning and multiple benefits, especially in such a time of crisis. 

On the one hand, the bicycle remains a largely infection-free mobility option: no potentially contaminated areas are used, you are in the fresh air and keep your distance from others. Currently, especially as the weather currently allows it, it is the better and more flexible alternative to public transport. 

On the other hand, cycling improves your fitness and general state of health. And this is even more isolated and accessible to more people - especially the elderly - than running, for example. Especially in the face of a lung disease, fresh air and increased respiration, and the fact that the lungs are well ventilated and supplied with blood, even short-term improvements of the respiratory organs are possible. 

However, it should be noted that cycling has already been banned in Italy and Spain, but only so as not to place an additional burden on the health system in the event of possible cycling accidents.

In this sense:

#StayTheFuckHome (or just #ridebadass)
Stay healthy!

Your team from Badass eBikes

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