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eBike Tuning, the relevant differences between temporary and permanent tuning

18 May 2018   Christian
Tech   News

...on private property.

The term eBike Tuning, currently concentrates on components that move the 25km/h restriction of pedelecs upwards. This is prohibited by law. We distinguish two fundamentally different classes of tuning: firstly permanent tuning measures and secondly temporary tuning measures. They can be recognized by the time required for installation or removal of the measure.

Permanent tuning measures are those that remain on the eBike or can only be removed with effort or even tools. This includes software solutions as well as cable kits. With these solutions, it is usually still possible to switch the measure on or off. This possibility is irrelevant for the legal offence, since the modification on the eBike is permanent and verifiable. Whether software, cable kit or unplugged dongle are detected makes no difference. The permanent modification even implies a deliberate intention to deceive.

When it comes to temporary tuning measures, our badassBox should be mentioned above all. As the first manufacturer of this kind of tuning we decided very early and consciously to offer only one solution. A solution that clarifies a discussion about the existence of a tuning from the outset. If the badassBox is mounted, the eBike was operated without speed lock. If the badassBox is not mounted, the eBike is in its original condition.

The advantage of the badassBox is also its disadvantage. Because you transmit an incorrect speed to the speed sensor of the motor system without contact, so to speak from the outside - the speed is also displayed incorrectly. The values derived from this speed, such as range and total kilometres, are distorted. However, we find that this fact is a small price to pay for the benefits of the badassBox. Most people already have a GPS device in their pocket. Other solutions involve technical risks (e.g. damage during installation on cables, mechanics or electronics). Above all, however, it should be emphasised that the user with the badassBox has the choice of where to use his eBike the way he chooses.

If you would like to try out the badassBox, please follow the link to our website below. We offer a 3 month money back guarantee, if the measure does not suit you, send us the badassBox with a copy of the invoice, also used, and get your money back. No questions asked, no risk to take.