Hope through two wheels

29 November 2021   Christian
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If you are subscribed to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you have already noticed: this year, classically at Christmas time, we have started a fundraising campaign in aid of World Bicycle Relief. 

"Why?" is the question I hear. Well, the WBR helps people in Africa to use bicycles. The Buffalo bikes developed especially for this purpose - solid and simple bicycles that are suitable for bad roads, easy to maintain and repair and, at a cost of €147 per bike, amazingly affordable - allow people a previously unknown mobility. Be it for an arduous commute to school or work, for transport tasks or to make a living. 

"But why should we donate?" 
Why shouldn't we? The certainty of helping a person unknown to us in a - compared to our own - much more disadvantaged life situation to live a better life should be reason enough. Especially with something that we ourselves can relate to and that is worth sharing: freedom on two wheels. 

Anyone reading this will certainly have a soft spot for bicycles. Probably even an e-bike. And has the desire to make it even faster. This is pure luxury, because very few of us really rely on two wheels (with or without a motor) as our sole source of mobility. Most of us get on our bikes in our free time and it serves our well-being. In Africa, it's a different story; there, a bike can make the difference between getting an education or accessing the health system. Or about the accessibility of distant destinations that offer work, buying and selling opportunities or simply a social life. With the average price of every e-bike sold in Germany, 20 people in Africa could be equipped with bicycles. 

We are privileged. We can afford a bike for €5,000. So we should be able to donate at least 10,- € to those who are far from being able to do so and who really need a bicycle. 

We have set ourselves the goal of making 30 bikes possible for the WBR. For half of them, we have already made a contribution. For the other half, I would like to ask you to join us. Donate as much as you can spare, however little it may be. It will help in any case and people will be grateful to you for it.

The donation will be processed by WBR and you will receive a receipt. 100% of your donation goes directly to World Bicycle Relief. 

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