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Is this all in terms of anti-tuning?

11 February 2021   Christian
Tech   B2B News

Shimano had implemented a measure with firmware version 4.7.0, which we were able to cancel out with a new hardware platform and adapted logic. However, the support now ends at approx. 40 km/h, above which the motor detects a problem.

The Bosch engines model year 2020 that we have been able to test so far or that our customers have already tuned show anomalies in a low single-digit percentage range, i.e. tuning detection and initiation of the so-called limb mode. We have creepily introduced our new hardware platform and also a new firmware for Bosch. This also works with all Bosch motors, but here too only up to approx. 40 km/h. On the other hand, the failure rate is only slightly higher than with Shimano or Yamaha, for example.

We are still testing and developing and with each new firmware upgrade it will be exciting to see whether Bosch (or others) cause us problems, but so far it looks good.