New Giant2020 badassBox and our AdapTHOR

3 September 2021   Christian
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We had received several enquiries about the integrated sensor from Giant. It is quite large and bulky and therefore not to be persuaded to cooperate in our conventional way (push the box over the sensor, done). That's why we had to come up with something first and now our development department has delivered.

Since the sensor is only used in an integrated way anyway and therefore has to be moved from its original position, we now have a solution similar to our box for Bafang (but there were other reasons for this). The sensor is detached from its position and placed on the box, which is mounted on the chain stay by means of cable ties. Unfortunately, this does not allow the tuning to be reversed in no time, but it can be restored to its original state within two minutes, at least for a visit to the workshop. 
Since we have already seen a few non-Giant bikes with Yamaha engines that also use the Giant sensor, we can well imagine that with the increasing integration of the sensors, Yamaha could in future make the Giant sensor its own integrated standard.
Since there have always been bikes with very narrow frames, we offered adapter solutions (5 and 10 mm adapters) very early on, which nevertheless made it possible to install the box. With the advent of the integrated sensors, which initially had to be installed in the classic way on the chainstay, the universal adapter was added, which could move all sensors to a different location with a simple screw connection. Special solutions for pin-shaped sensors (our CS and Turbo Levo adapters) and for other problem cases (Bafang and Giant2020) rounded off the range. But sometimes it's just too tight in the rear triangle to get the box over a sensor/adapter on the inside of the chainstay. With our new AdapTHOR (which is really a hammer, hence the name) it is now possible to place any badassBox4 on or under the chainstay. The AdapTHOR uses the box's housing cover and snaps it securely into place. Mounted on (or under) the chain stay with cable ties, there is now significantly more space and with our strong spoke magnet (which, by the way, is now included with all boxes), the badassBox can still be reliably actuated. Translated with (free version)

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