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24 February 2021   Christian
Product-News   B2B News

The e-bike market continues to boom. And the number of tuning enthusiasts is rising along with it. 

To cover the multitude of different mid-mounted motors (hub motors per se cannot be tuned with our box), we have expanded our badass box product range - from initially three - to now 14 different types. In addition, there are four box sets that have been developed for specific manufacturers/models to make it easier to fit the box. 

For models that cannot be clearly assigned, you can always contact service@badassebikes.com to inquire. A short email with a few facts about the bike and one or two photos showing the problem and we will find a solution. If you have suggestions for new products, please write to us as well. 

Our latest new products are the classic box versions for Polini (E-P3), Sachs (RS) and TQ (not Haibikes Flyon). 

For this purpose, we have developed the box for Bafang, in deviation from our usual design, where the box is not pushed over the sensor. Otherwise it was not possible for us to supply the Hall sensor used by Bafang (contrary to the usual reed sensor) with signals. 

We are following a similar approach for our (probably) two upcoming models for the parallelogram-shaped GIANT sensor (which is now also used by Yamaha) and the integrated SHIMANO sensor SM-DUE 11 (or EW-SS301 on the EP8).