Our range continues to grow

16 March 2021   Christian
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A few years ago, we only had three different boxes on offer: Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano. In the meantime, we offer 18 different boxes for a variety of motors and installation specifics. The latest boxes are for Bafang, Polini, Sachs and TQ (not Haibikes Flyon). 

The development in the e-bike market does not pass us by and we have adapted our product portfolio to various new motor manufacturers, sensor shapes and installation variants. With 18 boxes or box sets in the meantime, we can cover a wide range of systems on the market. And while development continues, we are not idle either and one or two solutions are currently under development. More about this as soon as we have been able to turn them into market-ready products after development, testing and production.

Stay tuned.

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