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Outlook for the 2021 season

25 February 2021   Christian
Tech   B2B News

The difficult availability for bikes in general, but especially for e-bikes, like that for parts and components, will not go away so easily. The problem of availability will have a direct impact on the demand for accessories, in our case tuning, depending on the intensity. 

The demand for solutions for new systems like the Shimano EP8 are constantly coming to us, but how many EP8s have actually already been delivered to customers is probably rather manageable. We know this first hand, as we have not yet been able to get one ourselves. What we do know is that Shimano has kept the old sensors for the EP8, but has given them new, even more delicate connectors. SM-DUE10 now becomes EW-SS300 and this is exactly the design that works with our "Shimano 2019" box. For the integrated SM-DUE11, which is now called EW-SS301, we do not yet (!) have a dedicated box as a solution in our programme. However, this is expected to come in the next few weeks. Then the customer can save the purchase and installation of the classic SM-DUE10, which is still necessary with the SM-DUE11.

We are also eagerly awaiting the usual new firmwares. Bosch is very generous in this respect and often distributes "improvements". However, other manufacturers are also expected to release one or two firmware updates this year, with an uncertain outcome for the possibility of tuning.

That there can sometimes be surprises of a different kind, however, is what we are currently experiencing with some customers with Specialized/Brose bikes. Apparently, other sensors have been used recently that are less sensitive than the usual ones. This leads to unwanted dropouts and error messages during tuning. We are currently revising our solutions to take this into account as well.

Due to the ever-increasing proportion of integrated sensors, either in the chainstay or in the dropout, it will still and increasingly be necessary to relocate the sensors once on or to the chainstay. This should be taken into account when ordering with regard to the conversion situation in terms of necessary accessories such as adapters etc. We will also take this into account and change our dealer discount programme: instead of giving a discount in kind on the quantity of boxes purchased, we will give a discount based on the value of the order and therefore also discount accessory purchases. But we will inform you about this separately when it becomes acute in a few weeks.