13 February 2020   Christian
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In Germany, the Recycling Management Act was passed today, which, among other things, also regulates that online retailers are no longer allowed to throw returns into the trash. In our eyes, this approach has always been absolutely ridiculous and anything else but sustainable. We are talking about goods that are in themselves usable, but the reconditioning of the returns is not profitable.

We have the same problem with returns, but we deal with them in a completely different way. Returns are recorded by us and are first handed over for functional testing. Nearly 98% of all goods returned to us are absolutely functional after thorough testing. 

They are also subjected to a visual inspection and evaluated to determine whether they are still in an acceptable condition. This is mostly the case. The boxes are then cleaned and repackaged with all necessary components. However, not in the original packaging but in a somewhat simpler packaging. Afterwards they are as refurbished goods under  

offered for sale again - at a reduced price. For us as manufacturer and seller this has of course some disadvantages: Expenditure for taking back, re-testing, reconditioning, repacking, storage and shipping, all at a reduced price and low margin. For the refurbished customer a bargain, for us the good conscience that our products will finally be delivered to their destination.

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