Riding an e-bike in autumn. What you should pay attention to in any case:

18 November 2022   Stephi
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Riding an e-bike shouldn't be a fleeting summer love affair. We think that with the right tips & tricks, you can ride your e-bike all year round, without banishing it to the shed as early as September.

First of all, keep in mind that the non-constant temperatures in autumn can cause the battery to discharge faster! This means that it is definitely advisable to attach the battery to the bike just before the start of the ride. Cold weather reduces the performance and therefore the range of the battery. For this reason, it is essential to store the battery at room temperature during the cooler months. Also useful: Protect the battery during the ride with a cold, dirt and moisture repellent neoprene cover.

You should also check the chain and tire tread before you start riding. The autumnal conditions unfortunately also require special measures. Damp leaves, muddy paths and rain not only reduce the grip of the tire, wet dirt also settles between the chain links and attacks the sprockets.

Therefore, it is for the material protection & driving experience only recommended to devote even a few minutes a week to your bike. To clean the individual parts and to simply look at the conditions more closely. To lower the tire pressure possibly and to free the chain from dirt.

Since the weather in autumn often appears very gray & dreary, it is advisable to rely on signal colors in the choice of clothing. Who does not want to dress particularly colorful, should in any case reflectors on bike & clothing and turn on the light. Also during the day! This increases the safety while cycling considerably.

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