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The badassBell from swisstrailbell, of Swiss production

11 May 2018   Christian
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Little is more unpleasant than driving onto pedestrians or hikers from behind. One does not want to frighten anyone and both ringing and shouting or whistling is unpleasantly frightening to the foot people. Consideration is important and so a solution was needed for this situation!

We found something ideal here: A sheep belly from Switzerland that can be easily and securely attached to the handlebars with Velcro. Here someone has thought along and made sure that nothing is scratched thereby also. A magnet sewn into the fabric tape can be detached from its fastening position with one hand and easily cut under the little bell so that the bobbin is secured and switched off. Even after the hardest pothole, nothing can still be heard. When the magnet is reattached to its mounting position, a clear ringing can be heard at each vibration. It reminds of an Alpine cattle drive with a slightly higher ring tone.

Of course, we tested the product extensively and found the reactions from pedestrians extremely positive. Apparently the sound is also perceived very well by older people and by the constant ringing during the start-up the participants can estimate very well how fast the eMTB is approaching. A friendly hello at moderate speed is then also gladly answered. Top!

Now, of course, we are not a bell manufacturer. When we read about the social commitment of the manufacturer, this product clearly belonged to us in our shop. It is the ideal addition for any considerate rider and connoisseurs will immediately understand with the printed badass eBikes logo that there is a wolf in sheep's clothing.