The new star for Trek: the G4 adapter

23 September 2021   Christian
Product-News   News
The largest US bike manufacturer Trek installs a special speed sensor in its e-bikes with Bosch motor, which they call the G4 sensor. Since this small sensor, which is integrated in the dropout area, could not be easily tuned with our boxes, we had to find a solution... and we found it. 
With our new G4 adapter we were able to kill two birds with one stone. The adapter has the shape of a regular Bosch sensor and positively accepts the G4 sensor. This means that our Bosch box fits over the sensor in the classic way and at the same time the adapter takes over the otherwise usual task of the universal adapter and can be easily and accessibly installed on the chain stay using cable ties. 
So, dear Trekies: remove the rear wheel, screw the G4 sensor out of the dropout and into the G4 adapter. Put the box over it, attach the magnet to the spoke and fire away.

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