The right e-bike winter storage & care

3 January 2023   Stephi
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Before storing, a thorough cleaning is highly recommended. So that the wheel is stored in a clean condition and no corrosion damage occurs over time. So it can be made ready again in the spring with a few simple steps.
You should never put your bike into winter storage with a flat tire. If the e-bike stands unused for a long time without sufficient air pressure on the tires, there is a risk of considerable damage due to the pressed sidewalls of the tire. In general, the tire manufacturer specifies the minimum pressure on the sidewall of the tire.When cleaning, be sure to remove dirt from the gearshift and the chain.
These parts must then be thoroughly supplied with new oil. Apply the oil drop by drop to the individual links of the chain and then shift through all gears. The excess oil is then simply removed with a dry cloth.
Better than the garage is the basement for storing the bike. The basement is usually dryer & the garage has another disadvantage compared to a dry basement room. Mostly cars park in the garage. Especially in winter, the car brings salt into the garage - and salt promotes the formation of rust. Don't have any other storage space than the garage? Then cover the e-bike carefully with a cover. This will protect it from the salt.
Once the e-bike has been prepared and a suitable, dry room has been found for storage, a few more steps are necessary before the bike can go into hibernation. Be sure to remove the battery and store it separately - preferably at constant temperatures between ten and 15 degrees. Since every battery has a certain self-discharge, the battery should be at least 60 percent charged when you remove it.
After the latest is done, you can now store your e-bike perfectly prepared, until next year.

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