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20 April 2021   Lisa
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Did you know that we produce our badassBoxese right around the corner?
That by itself is pretty cool. But because we care about our environment, we not only seek to keep production distances short, but also to use materials that are as sustainable as possible. Normally, plastics are made entirely from mineral oil, which is not very resource-efficient or sustainable.
That's why we decided to use a biobased plastic for the 3D printing of our badassBox.
PA 11, or Nylon 11, is a polyamide that is made from castor oil. Castor oil is extracted from the seed of the Ricinus (Ricinus communis). In German the plants name is „Wunderbaum“, which means „wonder tree“. Well, that sounds very promising. The wonderful thing about this plant is that it gives good yields even on poor soils without additional irrigation. Thus, fertile soils which are so valuable for growing food, do not have to be sacrificed to grow the Ricinus.
In relation of material properties, the biobased plastic has exactly the same properties as conventional plastic. So the same quality, only the material is "greener". 

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