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Upgrade warning Shimano

3 June 2019   Christian
Tech   News

Through our own tests - and also through customer information - we have determined that the firmware 4.7.0 for the Shimano E8000 engine impairs the functionality and effect of the badassBox. This applies to versions with electronic gearshift (DI2) as well as to mechanical gearsets. The motor support stops and the error message "W011" is displayed.

Therefore, we recommend our Shimano customers not to upgrade to firmware 4.7.0 at this time in order to keep the option for tuning/original state. 

The operation of the eBike without badassBox is possible without restrictions.

For upgrades already carried out, it may be possible to downgrade the firmware to the 4.6.0 version. Please consult Google with the search term "shimano firmware downgrade" and you will probably find what you are looking for.

Since we as manufacturer of contactless and temporary tuning stand for the freedom of choice between legal conformity for the operation in road traffic and tuning, we will continue to try to find a solution also for the new firmware generation. 

Unfortunately, firmware updates are at the same time also a gateway for their unwanted features, in spite of the manufacturers' praising of new features, better battery management etc. 

Therefore we generally advise not to install updates immediately, but to wait for reports on "incompatibilities". The larger manufacturers will certainly continue to try to take away or limit your choice of tuning. 

Since we don't know future developments in this area in advance, we can only react when the time comes. Therefore our recommendation is to handle upgrades carefully or not to upgrade at all. 

In general, only the buyer has the choice to consider which engine manufacturer he will trust in the future with regard to the choice of tunability before making a purchase.