What to look for when buying a used e-bike? ?

9 March 2022   Stephi
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E-motorised bikes are a wonderful thing. Especially for nature lovers, be it for a long tour through the forest?, as a relief in comparison with fitter fellow riders or simply as the best leisure activity.
But e-bikes are not only practical - they are also quite expensive?.
Today we would like to explain to you what you should look out for if you want to buy a used e-bike.

Usually, you should focus on the motor and battery?. Does the power output of the motor work without jerks or major delays? Can I see the status of the battery on the display? If not, do the charge level and remaining range seem plausible? Despite everything, there are other components whose wear and tear can be quite costly, such as: Hub, headset, gears/drive (chain, sprocket, chainring). Currently there can also be bottlenecks and delivery problems with "standard" components, such as brakes, brake pads, chains and cassettes ?.

In general, we recommend that if you already have a free choice on the second-hand market, you should definitely opt for a model whose motors/batteries have a) proven to be durable and b) offer a good supply of spare parts if needed.In this case, this also means that the manufacturer does not only offer special or proprietary solutions for the bike (such as for the sprocket and mount, chain guide or crank).

Pick a bike that you could also leave to "your own devices". This means that the manufacturer does not want to constantly upgrade the firmware on your bike.
The crux of the matter would be that manufacturers such as Bosch or Shimano would come up with various anti-tuning measures through the "back door". In this case, a downgrade would no longer be possible and the fun with the used e-bike would be significantly limited?.

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