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If 25km/h is not fast enough for you

The popular & proven tuning tool to remove the 25 km/h restriction for e-bike motors from different manufacturers such as Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Brose, Fazua or Bafang.

  • No more 25 km/h limit

    The power of the motor remains at 250 watts, but the motor supports you with the badassBox up to a speed of about 40 km/h (25 mph)

  • Quick & easy installation

    The badassBox is slid over the speed sensor and the spoke magnet is moved, so the bike is tuned in no time at all. Or just as quickly back to its original state (as use in the area of application of the local traffic act is of course prohibited).

  • Non-invasive tuning

    The tuning is not connected to the engine or installed in the wiring, i.e. no major conversion work and no technical intervention in the engine system. This also eliminates the need for any conversion work if, for example, the e-bike has to go to the workshop. Pull off the box, move the magnet, done.

  • Made in Germany, guaranteed.

    The badassBox is developed and produced by us in Germany. We can therefore guarantee the highest quality. If you still have problems, our customer service will be happy to help you. What's more, thanks to our one-month money-back guarantee, you can try out the badassBox without any risk.

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One month money-back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our badassBox, you can simply send it back to us within one month and get your money back.

Low-cost shipping all over the world

You can order our products free of shipping costs within Germany from 50 €, within Europe from 170 € and otherwise we ship worldwide for just 9,90 €.

Easy, secure and fast payment

We offer you Paypal, credit card, Klarna, Giropay, Bancontact and ideal to pay quickly. Of course, everything is absolutely secure.

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E-bike tuning - short and sweet

Tuning your e-bike does not mean making the motor stronger. The power remains at 250 watts, but you get motor support beyond the 25 km/h limit. If the 250 W support normally stops abruptly at 25 km/h, the pedalling power required to maintain the speed is not pleasant for many and is perceived as "riding into a wall". This can be prevented by tuning. The motor support is there for longer and only when the combined motor and human power can no longer stand up to physics (air and rolling resistance, slope downforce, etc.) is further propulsion slowed down slowly and homogeneously.  For this reason, and because of the increasing efforts of engine manufacturers to prevent tuning, we have set a default speed of 40 km/h. 

 Our badassBox is a non-invasive tuning, i.e. it does not require any intervention in the engine system, no engine has to be removed or any cable solutions installed in the frame. This also means that the box cannot break anything in the engine. Instead, we just slide our box over the speed sensor and that's it. With some sensor types, the sensor also has to be mounted on the box, with integrated sensors, these have to be relocated once. But all in all, this is no big deal and can be done in a few simple steps. This makes it possible to switch quickly between legal and tuned operation. This is a great advantage, especially when the next visit to the bike dealer is imminent. The disadvantage of this method, however, is that your display "only" shows you the manipulated speed. And this is no longer done by halving the real speed as it used to be, but in a non-linear way and therefore more difficult to estimate. If you want to keep an eye on your real speed or if you want to record your tour in real distances, we recommend using an ordinary speedometer or your mobile phone. If you have any questions, whether general or about a specific problem, feel free to contact us.

firmware-upgrade warning!

Unfortunately, firmware updates/upgrades are at the same time also a gateway for their unwanted features, which take away the choice of tuning or limit it.

We therefore recommend our customers not to carry out any upgrades/updates of the motor firmware or have them carried out at present in order to retain the option of selecting the tuning/original state. This applies in particular in connection with workshop work on your e-bike.

please note

  • The badassBox is not to be used in normal road traffic or in areas regulated by the Road Traffic Act!
  • Use is only permitted on private property or for example for competition or test purposes.
  • Mounting the badassBox may lead to a loss of the bicycle warranty.
  • Use of the badassBox is entirely at your own risk and danger.
  • The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage to property and/or persons arising from inappropriate use of the products.