badassBox for BAFANG motors

Bafang motors use very specific speed sensors, whose shape and positioning decide on the badassBox to be used.

Where is your sensor?

The speed sensor and its positioning are decisive for which badass box you need.

We distinguish between the classic mounting on the chain stay and the integrated mounting in the area of the dropout.

Sensor on the chain stay

A good indication that your sensor is on the chain stay is the presence of a spoke magnet.
In addition, the sensor is usually direct and easily visible.

Bafang Sensor SR SD021.01

If this sensor of your Bafang motor - as shown in the picture below - is located on the chain stay of your bike, then the badassBox4 Bafang is exactly what you need.

badassBox 4 Bafang
Attention, the badassBox 4 Bafang is only compatible with the sensor shown in this picture. Badass eBikes proudly presents: the further improved badassBox 4 Bafang The badassBox 4 Bafang is the result of a great deal of development work and is conceptually different from our other badassBoxes. The badassBox Bafang is mounted on the chain stay using cable ties and the e-bike's speed sensor is unscrewed and placed on the box.The badassBox runs on one AAA battery. Replacement for the included battery can be obtained cheaply and literally at every corner. You can replace it yourself on site without tools in the shortest possible time. We recommend replacing the battery at least once a year at the start of the season. To protect the electronics from moisture and the mechanical stresses on the wheel, the electronics are bonded into the housing with a special sealing compound and completely sealed. We develop and manufacture the badassBox completely in-house. Before and after casting we check each individual badassBox for correct function. Customer satisfaction and quality are our top priorities. We are happy to answer any question – usually on the same working day. Because of the high quality and our focus on customer satisfaction, we also offer a 1 month money-back guarantee. In a nutshell The badassBox Bafang is mounted on the chainstay and the e-bike's speed sensor is placed on the box, lifting the 25 km/h limit. The e-bike is restored to its original condition in just a few simple steps. Contactless E-Bike Tuning Safety option on the housing Patented field enhancement technology Casting compound from the automotive industry double quality control Made in Germany One month money-back guarantee Installation The badassBox Bafang is mounted on the chain stay using cable ties (included in the scope of delivery) and the e-bike's speed sensor is unscrewed and placed on the box. For the first installation, the supplied spoke magnet must be fitted instead of the original magnet. Our spoke magnet functions identically to the original magnet without the badassBox, but is necessary for the function with our patented field reinforcement when the badassBox is fitted. After placing the sensor on the badassBox, the spoke magnet must be moved towards the edge of the housing in the direction of the snap lock. If the spoke magnet touches the badassBox, the spoke magnet must be placed as close as possible to the badassBox and turned by 90°. Ready! How it works The badassBox transmits a modified signal to exceed the speed limit without contact, without electrical connection to the motor, without intervention in the motor electronics or software. It is not necessary to open the motor at great expense. There is no risk of damage. The badassBox can be taken off again with just a few simple steps, thus returning the e-bike to its previous, legal status. With all the advantages, a wrong speed and values derived from it are displayed. We recommend the use of GPS-related additional devices (mobile phone, bicycle computer, etc.) for a more accurate recording of the journey data anyway. Technical data Dimensions   61 x 40 x 15 mm Weight badassBox 27 g with battery 37 g Battery 1.5 V AAA battery (IEC R03)