badassBox for YAMAHA motors

Yamaha motors use very specific speed sensors, whose shape and positioning decide on the badassBox to be used.

Where is your sensor?

The speed sensor and its positioning are decisive for which badass box you need.

We distinguish between the classic mounting on the chain stay and the integrated mounting in the area of the dropout.

Sensor on the chain stay

A good indication that your sensor is on the chain stay is the presence of a spoke magnet.
In addition, the sensor is usually direct and easily visible.

Yamaha Sensor 

If this sensor of your Yamaha motor - as shown in the picture below - is located on the chain stay of your bike, then the badassBox4 Yamaha is exactly what you need.

badassBox 4 Yamaha
The badassBox 4 Yamaha is compatible with the Yamaha sensor shown here, which is easily accessible on your chainstay. If there is no sensor on the chainstay, then the sensor is integrated in the dropout and you need depending on the shape of the sensor either the badassBox 4 Yamaha X-Set or the badassBox 4 Giant 2020 Badass eBikes proudly presents: the new improved badassBox 4 Yamaha The badassBox 4 is the result of more than a year's development. We have completely re-designed the casing, made it more streamline and replaced the o-ring of the previous version with our patented snap-lock fastening. Making it more streamline makes it even easier to fit. The new snap-lock fastening means you can attach and remove your badassBox with just one hand in seconds. At customer's request, we have additionally added an optional securing feature on the snap lock using a cable tie. The CR2 battery has been replaced with a AAA battery, so you can pick up replacement batteries much cheaper on just about any street corner. Tool-free battery change can be carried out quickly and easily while you're on the road. We recommend replacing the battery at least once a year at the start of the season. Due to our specially patented field enhancement technology FEET (Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology) you get very far with one battery. To protect against moisture and mechanical stress, the electronics are glued into the casing and completely sealed with a special casting compound. The badassBox is developed and manufactured exclusively by us in-house. Before and after casting we check each badassBox individually. Customer satisfaction and quality are our top priorities. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask – we'll get back to you with an answer straightaway, mostly on the same working day. Due to the high quality and our focus on customer satisfaction, we additionally offer a 1 month money-back guarantee. In a nutshell The badassBox is attached to the speed sensor of the e-bike and overrides the 25 km/h speed limit. Remove it and your e-bike is restored to its original state. Contactless e-bike tuning Streamlined, registered design for casing Patented snap-lock fastening Securing feature on the housing Patented field enhancement technology Auto industry potting compound Doubled quality control Made in Germany One month money-back guarantee Installation The badassBox 4 Yamaha is fitted over the Yamaha speed sensor next to the rear wheel. When the snap-lock clicks into position, the badassBox is fitted securely to the sensor. For extra secure fitting, the badassBox can also be fastened with a zip tie. When the badassBox is first fitted, the spoke magnet that comes with it must be mounted in place of the original magnet. Without the badassBox, our spoke magnet functions identically to the original magnet, but when the badassBox is fitted, the spoke magnet is necessary for our patented field enhancement technology to work properly. Once the badassBox has been fitted onto the sensor, the spoke magnet must be offset to the casing edge in the direction of the snap-lock clasp. It's now ready for use. Following removal of the badassBox, the spoke magnet must be returned to its original position. How it works The contactless and wireless badassBox transmits a modified signal in order to override the speed limit of your e-bike – without interfering with the motor's electronic circuitry or software. There's no need to open the motor and there is no risk of damaging it. The badassBox can be fitted in seconds – and just as quickly removed, restoring your e-bike to its former road-legal condition. For all these advantages, a wrong speed, and values derived from it, are displayed. We recommend the use of GPS-related accessories for a more precise data acquisition of driving data (smartphone, bike computer, etc.). .responsive-video { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; height: 0; overflow: hidden; } .responsive-video iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } Technical data Dimensions    61 x 39 x 15 mm Weight badassBox 27 g including battery 37 g Battery 1.5 V AAA battery (IEC R03)


Integrated sensor

If the sensor is integrated, then you do not have a spoke magnet, but instead a magnet on the brake disc.
To get a good view of the sensor, it is recommended to remove the rear wheel.

Yamaha Sensor

If this sensor of your Yamaha motor - as shown in the picture below - is integrated into your bike, then the badassBox4 Yamaha X-Set is exactly what you need.

badassBox 4 Yamaha X-Set
Attention, you need this set only if the Yamaha Sensor (first picture) is integrated in the dropout of your bike. If the integrated sensor looks like the one in the second picture, then it is the Giant Sensor. Then you need the badassBox 4 Giant 2020. If the Yamaha Sensor (first picture) is mounted easily accessible on your chainstay, you only need a badassBox 4 Yamaha. Badass eBikes proudly presents: Das neue badassBox 4 Yamaha X-Set The badassBox 4 Yamaha X-Set includes all the parts you need to mount the badassBox 4 on your e-bike with a Yamaha mid-mounted motor and Yamaha Sensor integrated in the dropout: badassBox 4 Yamaha Universal Adapter Spoke magnet with thumb screw With the badassBox 4 Yamaha X-Set you not only get all the necessary parts to tune your e-bike in one 'click', but you also save money. Installation The integrated Yamaha Sensor is located in the area of the dropout. To get to the sensor you have to dismount the rear wheel. Find the position of the integrated sensor* in the dropout of your e-bike. *The sensor shape shown is an example. Undo the screws of the bracket that holds the sensor* is fastened to the dropout. *The sensor shape shown is an example. Fasten the Universal Adapter with cylinder head screw, washer and nut (included in delivery) to the Yamaha Sensor*. *The sensor shape shown is an example. Now you can attach the Universal Adapter with mounted Yamaha Sensor* on the chainstay with supplied cable ties. *The sensor shape shown is an example. Slide the badassBox onto the adapter until it clicks into place. Reinstall the rear wheel. Mount the spoke magnet and align it with the edge of the badassBox housing. That's it. Have fun with your faster e-bike!