Get it clean!

So that you and your bike can go on tour together as a dream team for as long as possible, you need the right care. To save you time and hassle, we have picked out our favourite products for you and included them in our range.

From now on, you can get great care products for your bike and your body from TUNAP SPORTS! From drive cleaner to chain oil to shamois cream, everything is included! By the way, all technology made in Germany! 

What do I need for bike care?

Only a few things are considered essential: Cleaner, brush, cloth, drive cleaner and chain oil. 

Regular use is more important here than the sheer endless number of possible utensils. But how often is recommended? Some clean their bike after every ride, others twice a year. Others do without any maintenance at all and have it cleaned by others during the annual inspection. Of course, it depends a lot on whether I only go on a tour at the weekend and can plan another 15 minutes for cleaning afterwards, or whether I use the bike five days a week, in the morning and in the evening, for commuting and then only take the time at the weekend to get the bike fit again for the next week. But depending on use, season, weather and road surface, I tend to do a basic cleaning every three to five days riding.

First clean the bike with running water to remove coarse dirt; if in doubt, a watering can will do, but a garden hose is better. High-pressure cleaners are not recommended, unless they can also be operated with low pressure, because the high pressure runs the risk of "washing out" the bearings on the bike. You should start by cleaning the drivetrain with a drivetrain cleaner. So chainring, chain, cassette, rear derailleur, front derailleur, spray everything nicely with the drive cleaner and remove dirt and oil with a brush. Then there are various ways to give the bike a foam bath. A sponge and a bucket of warm water with bike cleaner will do the job, as will applying cleaner directly from the spray bottle to the bike and spreading it with a wet sponge. Let it work for a short time and then rinse it off completely. Finally, rub the bike dry and apply chain oil again. Done.
TUNAP SPORTS Bike cleaner
Super shiny The e-bike in particular should not be cleaned with a normal bicycle cleaner, as there is a risk of increased electrical conductivity between the components and the possibility of corrosion at the electrical contact points. To protect the sensitive electronics, a particularly gentle cleaning is required. The TUNAP SPORTS e-bike cleaner was specially developed for cleaning e-bikes. It prevents conductivity, moisture bridges and corrosion pitting on surfaces, seals, cable connections and/or contact points. So-called "adhesive claws" also ensure that the cleaner remains visibly on the soiled areas in order to optimally develop its cleaning power. The TUNAP SPORTS quality promise: Without allergy-causing fragrances Without harmful solvents Without n-hexane and aromatics As environmentally compatible as possible As humanly compatible as possible Application Rinse off coarse dirt with water Rinse the frame and all parts (incl. motor and battery housing) with water. motor and battery housing) with TUNAP SPORTS E-Bike Cleaner and leave to work for at least 3-5 minutes Do not allow the E- Bike Cleaner to dry out and/or use on heated surfaces Finally, rinse the bike again thoroughly with water Technical data Weight 1, 08 kg Filling capacity   1 l Product safety No danger

TUNAP SPORTS Brake cleaner
Dirty brake systems bring less braking power. Clean disc brakes bring safety. TUNAP SPORTS Brake Cleaner intensively but gently removes brake dust, oil residues and grease from the disc and piston. TUNAP SPORTS Brake Cleaner cleans without leaving residues for optimum braking performance. Surfaces remain untouched and rubber seals are not attacked. Thanks to a new health protection formula, the brake cleaner is safe for humans. TUNAP SPORTS produces the cleaner from renewable raw materials in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. Important for workshops: as a high-safety cleaner, it is also very difficult to ignite. Application Spray the parts to be cleaned (brake discs, brake bodies) with the brake cleaner. Allow the cleaner to react briefly. Wait until the solvent has evaporated (5-10 seconds) Wipe off the dissolved dirt with a cloth, rub all parts dry. Technical data Filling capacity   300 ml Dimensions 5 × 5 × 22 cm Weight 0.3 kg Product safety Danger - Contains substances that may cause allergic reactions - Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long lasting effects - May cause drowsiness and dizziness - Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking - Extremely flammable aerosol

TUNAP SPORTS Chamois Cream
Chamois cream spray, 150ml - with panthenol The TUNAP SPORTS seat cream is very easy to apply, is quickly absorbed and protects the corresponding skin areas with a long-lasting protective film. This prevents chafing and blistering, so nothing stands in the way of a pain-free bike tour. The special care formula of the seat cream prevents the skin from drying out, while the higher panthenol doses provide the skin with an additional repair effect. Description: Skin care with PANTHENOL prevents inflammation and protects the biker's buttocks Spray for contact-free application to trouser pads or skin Application Shake can vigorously Spray the seat cream directly onto the trouser pad. Alternatively: Spray the seat cream into the hand and spread on the buttocks Let the seat cream absorb well into the skin Renew the protective film at any time if necessary Protect from sunlight, Do not expose to temperatures above 50 degrees C.Keep out of the reach of children. Technical data Fill quantity   150 ml Dimensions 5 x 5 x 15.5 cm Weight 0.21 kg Product Safety Danger - Extremely flammable aerosol

Frame care, 300ml - with paint protection The frame care by TUNAP SPORTS gives the bike back its original shine and is easily applied with a soft cloth. Our care develops a water- and dirt-repellent film and is also suitable for matt frames. The polish unfolds its effect without allergenic fragrances and also without nerve-damaging solvents. The simple spray-on application also makes bike care fast and efficient. The perfect bike finish has a name: TUNAP SPORTS frame care! Application Pre-clean the bike frame and parts well with intensive cleaner or e-bike cleaner, wipe off and dry. Spray areas with spray can and allow to soak into the paint briefly Rub the wax layer with a microfibre cloth until nothing more of the agent can be seen. Technical data Filling quantity   300 ml Measures 5 x 5 x 22 cm Weight 0.25 kg Product Safety Danger - Extremely flammable aerosol

TUNAP SPORTS Multifunctional Oil
Hyper oily Whoever wants to do something good for his bike after washing or in between, finds effective help with the TUNAP SPORTS multi-oil. Whether it is about the removal of a light flash rust, the lubrication of bearing or damper joints on the Fullsuspension or the surface care of the frame, TUNAP is the first choice here. Covers five important areas. The TUNAP SPORTS multi-oil is cleaner, corrosion protection, rust remover, lubricant and contact spray at the same time. The multi-oil does not attack paint, seals, plastics or rubber. Application Clean affected parts thoroughly with TUNAP SPORTS drive or brake cleaner. Spray the parts sufficiently with multi-oil and allow to act. Then remove rust or dirt with a cloth or brush. Wipe off excess oil with soft cloth. Technical data Filling capacity   125 ml Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 14 cm Weight 0.12 kg Product Safety Danger - Extremely flammable aerosol

TUNAP SPORTS Ultrafine Fibre Cloth
The TUNAP SPORTS ultra-fine fibre cloth is ideal for finishing all surfaces after cleaning and maintaining your bike. It leaves no streaks and easily and completely absorbs the remaining moisture after washing. The TUNAP SPORTS ultra-fine fibre cloth is ideal for finishing off all surfaces after cleaning and caring for your bike. The TUNAP SPORTS cleaning cloth has very absorbent, ultra-fine fibres, is machine-washable at 95°C and even suitable for cleaning glasses, helmet visors or smartphones. Technical data Dimensions   30 x 30 cm Material 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide Weight 0, 08 kg