Our Badass Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied. But we also know that sometimes that just doesn't work out. There can be many reasons.
Our customer service will do everything to help you. And in most cases we can. Write us if you have a problem at But if it just doesn't work:

Our Promise

As a private customer you can return your order within one month and we will refund the full purchase price including shipping costs. No matter why, even used.

The Conditions

We grant this guarantee to private customers, for new goods from our production (Badass eBikes GmbH), which were ordered in our webshop ( We do not grant a guarantee for goods from third-party manufacturers and products from the refurbished category. The month starts on the date of dispatch. The refund will be made via the originally selected payment method. You will be refunded the amount actually paid. If you return only a part of the order, we will refund your payment proportionally, but without shipping costs. The refund will be made after we have received and checked the return, within one week at the latest. You will bear the costs for the return shipment.

Note: Your legal rights in case of defects are not limited by this guarantee promise and can be claimed by you free of charge. Any existing statutory warranty rights against us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise.


Contact us by e-mail or contact form if you wish to return your order in accordance with the above conditions. Include the order or invoice number.

Please send the return safely packed and stamped to the following address:

Badass eBikes GmbH
Muehlstr. 88
63768 Hoesbach

Be sure to include the order or invoice number with the return!

We recommend you send the return as an insured parcel with shipment tracking.